SAC Council

SAC Roster 2016-17

Scott Lake Elementary employees

Dr. Ruth Reimer

Mr. Ron Kaufmann

Mrs. Stephanie Zimmerman

Mrs. Jennifer O’Steen

Ms. Jackie Thomas

Mrs. Candace Shim

Ms. Ani Fernandez

Parents/Community Members

Mrs. Creigh Brown- parent

Mrs. Sonja Bayt- parent

Mr. Andrew Houk- parent

Ms. Robin Marino- community member

Mr. George Katzaras- parent/community member

Mrs. Tiffany Kumria- parent/PTO representative

Mrs. Elina Burgos- parent

Mr. James Dudley- parent

Mr. Kevin Humphries- parent

Mrs. Riccaerlena (Lena) Chambers- parent

Mrs. Artesha Redding- parent

Dates of Meetings:

September 7th
October 5th
November 2nd
December 7th

Reporting Child Abuse Information

Please follow this link for information on reporting child abuse.

Asbestos Information

Notice of Inspection

Cyberbullying/Bullying Information

Cyberbullying/Bullying Parent Information Links:
Haitian Creole
Bullying Intervention and Prevention Information
Bullying Reporting Form
Bullying Information