Assessment Calendar 2017

Scott Lake Elementary Spring Testing Schedule as of 2/15/17

Testing dates are subject to change.  Teachers will be able to communicate assigned testing days for computer based testing as we approach each testing window.  Parent letters will be sent home prior to assessments.


Grades K-5- Access (English Language Learners); 2/13-3/10

3rd Grade:

FSA ELA-Reading (Paper-based); 3/28 & 3/29

FSA Math (Computer-based); 5/4-5/5 & 5/8-5/9


4th Grade:

FSA Writing (Paper-based); 2/28

NAEP Math, Reading, Writing; 3/8 (students randomly selected by the state will be notified on 2/22)

FSA ELA-Reading (Computer-based); 4/10-4/13

FSA Math (Computer-based); 4/28 & 5/1-5/3


5th Grade:

FSA Writing (Paper-based); 2/28

FSA ELA-Reading (Computer-based); 4/17-4/21

FSA Math (Computer-based); 4/24-4/27

Statewide Science Assessment (Paper-based); 5/2 & 5/3