Volunteer Info

Volunteer Application Information

     At SLE, we love our volunteers! We need and want help from anyone and everyone who can make the time… it makes such a difference in the lives of our children. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please see the directions below to become a school volunteer.
Volunteers are an important part of our school family. To maintain security on our campus, new volunteers must undergo a Florida Department of Law Enforcement background check at a cost of $25.00. Please complete the online application here and submit your online payment of $25.00.  Upon approval please contact the school to schedule an orientation meeting and have your picture taken for a volunteer badge.

*Just a reminder, approved volunteer status is good for five years, then the applicant must reapply.

Volunteer Opportunities

SLE PTO Volunteer Committee Lists

The merchandise committee selects and sells school merchandise such as T-shirts and sweatshirts. Committee members will help with the sale and distribution of school t-shirts during Orientation, PTO meetings, and throughout the year as needed.

Catalog Fund Raiser:
During the fall semester, the PTO has one major catalog fundraiser. The volunteers on this committee will help promote the fundraiser, distribute materials, and facilitate distribution of orders. This is a great way to get involved and be finished with your obligation before Christmas!

Box Tops:
SAVE THOSE BOX TOPS!!! Each year, the PTO hosts several collection periods for the students to win prizes based on the number of box tops they collect. We need help distributing contest materials, as well as counting those box tops when they come in.

Publicity- Newsletter/Website/Flyers:
If you like “getting the word out”, this is the committee for you. You’ll help collect information for the newsletter, and help distribute newsletters and informational flyers throughout the year.

Campus Beautification/Improvement:
Throughout the year, there will be opportunities to improve areas of our school. We’ll need lots of help from people with green thumbs, home improvement skills, or general handiness. Come join us if you like making things look nice!

Volunteer Coordination:
We need volunteers all year round. We need helpers in the classrooms, the library, the office, and everywhere in between. If you would like to help find and schedule volunteers for projects, this is the committee for you.

Angel Tree:
Each Christmas, there are families in our school who aren’t able to provide gifts for their children. The Angel Tree offers parents and teachers in our school the opportunity to help those families in need. Members of this committee will collect information from families, collect gifts and money for the Angel Tree, and help in the wrapping and distribution of gifts. It’s a great, time-intensive committee where you’ll invest a bunch of time over just a few weeks, then you’re finished!

If you would like to invest one-on-one time in the life of a child at our school, mentoring is for you. Mentors make a weekly commitment to spend time with their assigned child reading, talking, playing, or working on school-work.

Philanthropic Disbursement:
The PTO is fortunate to have the financial support of many businesses and families at our school. Our fundraisers also contribute to the creation of a large budget that we use to provide for the needs of the school. The members of this committee will collect information from the faculty and staff regarding the needs of the school, then will make recommendations to the Board as to how the funds should be disbursed.

Book Fair:
This committee will help our librarian to find volunteers to set up and run our semi-annual book fair.

Art Show:
This committee will help our art teacher to find volunteers to help set up the annual student art exhibit.

If you like to bake, cook, or otherwise care for people, this is the committee for you. Members of this committee will periodically provide food for small gatherings, meetings, special occasions, and such.

Kindergarten Round Up:
Members of this committee will help run Kindergarten Round-up in the spring. They will decorate the kindergarten wing, act as tour guides for new students, and provide refreshments and gifts for potential Kindergarten students.

Teacher Appreciation Week:
After a year of hard work in the classrooms, we honor our teachers for a week every May. The members of this committee will work together to come up with little surprises and treats for the teachers during that week, as well as any other ideas to tell the teachers how much we appreciate them throughout the year.

TLC (Tender Loving Care):
During the year we will learn of extraordinary (positive and negative) circumstances in the lives of our school families. This committee will rise to the occasion to see that members of our school family are well cared for during challenging times.

Enrichment Events:
Periodically throughout the year there will be events scheduled to enrich the educations of our children. Walk-to-School Day, Great American Teach-In, and Read-a-Thon are examples of these types of enrichment events. We need help to coordinate these events, staff them with volunteers, and properly host our guests.