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Explanation of State and District Test Scores
The Florida Standards Assessment(FSA) is part of Florida’s overall plan to increase student achievement by implementing higher standards. The FSA, administered to students in grades 3-11, consists of tests that measure selected benchmarks in mathematics, reading, science, and writing from the Florida Standards. Participating students include all students working toward a standard high school diploma, including English Language Learners (ELLs) and students with disabilities. Grade 3 students must earn an FSA Reading score of Level 2 or higher on a scale of 1 – 5 in order to be promoted to grade 4. Requirements of FSA scores for passing to the next grade level may be found in the district’s Student Progression Plan.

The best understanding of a student’s academic achievement comes from looking at multiple pieces of evidence (including FSA scores) collected over time. Developmental Scale Scores were introduced in 2002 to track student progress over time and across grade levels to indicate student “growth,” or “learning gains.” For this reason, they are the scores students and parents receive on their FSA Reading and FSA Mathematics Student and Parent Reports. By using Developmental Scale Scores, parents can monitor their student’s academic progress from one grade to the next. By comparing a student’s scores in the same subject for two or more years with the associated mean scores (or with the various Achievement Levels) for those years, it is possible to identify whether a student’s performance improved, declined, or remained consistent.

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Current FSA Assessment Dates (could be subject to change).  All are paper-based

Grade 3  Reading – April 5 & 6, 2021

Grades 4 & 5 Writing – April 6, 2021

Grades 4 & 5 Reading – May 3 & 4, 2021

Grades 3 – 5 Math – May 10 & 11, 2021

Grade 5 Science – May 17 & 18, 2021


Remaining District Required Assessment Dates

STAR Early Literacy, Reading and Math 2                 STAR Early Literacy, Reading, and Math 3

Grades K-5 – December 1 – 18, 2020                                                        Grades K-5 – April 5 – 30, 2021

District Round 3 Writing

Grades 4 & 5 – January 8, 2021